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Quote of the Week

“We’re not held back by the mistakes we make, but by our inability to let them go.”

~David Meltzer




The fourth season of Office Hours features a new cast of thought leaders, billionaires, entrepreneurs, celebrities, athletes, and entertainers to share their insights on dealing with success, failure, and everything in between.

The list of guests includes Alex & Leila Hormozi, Co-Founders of, Grant Cardone, CEO of Cardone Capital, Eric Thomas, acclaimed author, speaker, educator, & pastor, Marc D’Amelio, CEO of D’Amelio Brands LLC, Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times best-selling author, researcher, lecturer, and corporate consultant, legendary comedian Dane Cook, Erika Ayers, CEO of Barstool Sports, Sanya Richards-Ross, 4-Time Olympic Gold Medalist & Founder/Co-Owner of Mommi Nation, Adam Schefter, NFL Insider at ESPN, John Hennessy, chairman of Google parent Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O), and many more!

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Featured Upcoming Keynote


Free 2-Day Guiness WorldRecord Live Event to help elevate your life and financial future AUGUST 18-19th from 3-8 PM EST

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Upcoming Keynote: The Mental Toughness Forum


30+ of the world’s highest performers in sports & business sharing systems & skills on how to think bigger, drive action, overcome adversity, & build mental toughness to reach peak performance.

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Upcoming VIP Dinner: An Intimate Night with David Meltzer & Special Guest in Santa Barbara, California


I’m thrilled to be hosting an intimate VIP dinner in Santa Barbara on August 17th. This evening promises profound discussions on personal transformation and growth. I hope you can join us for this unique and exclusive event.

Email me [email protected] to learn more.

Upcoming Keynote: Blue Collar American Dream Conference


I’ll be in Florida on September 1st at The Blue Collar American Dream Conference speaking alongside Brad Lea, Nick Santonastasso, Wes Watson, and more.

If you’re in Florida or want to attend, click here to learn more.

Podcast EPISODE OF THE WEEK – Leadership Expert Scott Jeffrey Miller


David and Scott Jeffrey Miller, WSJ Bestselling Author and Host of the World’s Largest Weekly Leadership Podcast, discuss leadership and mentorship. They talk about how leaders, teachers, and coaches’ roles can change based on the mentee’s goals. They also discuss the need to accept change, keep learning, and the power of validation using examples from industry leaders like Anne Chao and Gary Vaynerchuk.



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