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Accepting that our future is in our own hands and we are accountable to create it is an essential part of a growth mindset. There is transformative power in our thoughts, beliefs, and actions to drive us forward, as long as we maintain alignment with our goals and values. Here are four key insights and strategies to navigate life’s challenges and advance toward the future we desire.

We have control of our mindset

We have control of our mindset in relation to how we feel and what we do. This is because our beliefs are the control center of our mindset – they are indicative of what we feel, which then governs what we do, say, and think every day. One way to shift our beliefs is to change the meaning we give to the past, spinning challenges and “failures” into positive learning experiences. Finding the light, the love, and the lessons in the past fuels our trajectory toward what we want or better in the future, and by adjusting our beliefs, we can influence our mind to achieve our goals.

Practice time and forgiveness to be at ease

Time and forgiveness are the two interrelated elements that are essential to living at ease. Within the man-made 24-hour construct, time is finite. As a result, it is the only mechanism that we can utilize to measure if we are diminishing our fear, anxiety, and dis-ease. In addition, when we inevitably waste our time with things that put us at dis-ease, we can heal by practicing forgiveness – forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. Utilizing time and forgiveness in the correct way puts us at ease, rather than causing interference between us and our source of inspiration.

Get out of your comfort zone

There are three zones of comfort: the comfort zone, the learning zone, and the anxiety zone. In order to get out of our comfort zone, we first must determine what activities are within it and explore what else we can learn to continue to grow and enter the learning zone. In this zone, we may experience pain, but it is not an indicator to stop; it’s an indicator that we have knowledge to acquire. As we learn from voids, shortages, and successes, we expand our comfort level and confidence. The anxiety zone, on the other hand, is constricting. We must identify our fears and evaluate what ego-based consciousness is at the root of it. Then, we can work to confront and end those fears. As we continue to push ourselves, the learning zone will become our new comfort zone, and our anxiety zone will become our new learning zone.

The meaning of life is whatever meaning you give it

We are a bag of beliefs, which determines the significance that we perceive and place on our lives. Because this significance comes from the internal rather than external, only we can give our lives meaning. Therefore, we must consider what meaning we want to give the events that unfold. We can choose to live in a world of not enough, where we feel like a victim unable to control our own lives. We can choose to live in a world of just enough, where we constantly trade, negotiate, and compete to get what we want. Or, we can choose to live in a world of abundance, where there is enough of everything for everyone and we are masters of our own lives. We can give our lives the meaning that will best set us up for happiness and success.

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