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There are many lessons that Maejor has learned throughout his Grammy-nominated career in the music industry, working with legends such as Justin Bieber, Martin Garrix, Trey Songz, Anitta, and many more. The producer, rapper, singer, and songwriter shares four insights from his record-breaking career on how to shift your mindset in order to achieve greater success.

It’s not a rejection, it’s the universe’s protection

We face rejection all the time, whether it’s a relationship, a job opportunity, or something else that we want. We try to hold on to them and force them into fruition, but they continue to evade us. It’s important to remember that this rejection we experience often works out in our favor. The best and most impactful outcomes grow naturally and organically out of a flow state. When we calculate, overthink, or force something, we tend not to produce work that’s as compelling, or the outcome of what we want ends up falling short. Rejection is not a stop sign, it’s an indicator that we have more lessons to learn.

Miracles happen, you just have to be there to see them

Elevating our awareness is key, especially when we are facing new challenges. When a door closes, sometimes a different (and better) one opens, but we must constantly be cognizant of the world around us in order to see it. The same is true for ideas. We are often just vessels for ideas to flow through, so we must increase our awareness in order to access them. Icons such as Michael Jackson and Prince had the special ability to notice the potential of ideas surrounding them and put them into action, and we should try to do the same whenever possible.

We are an infinite source of healing, wellness, and goodness

Sometimes, all we need to heal is already inside of us. It is up to us to clear the interference that is preventing us from becoming what we already are. We can use music as one of the tools to untap our natural healing potential and promote wellness. Monks use mantra to change into different states of consciousness, binaural beats can measurably affect brain waves, and different frequencies can even make dancers move a certain way. Across cultures and practices, people have discovered the power of frequency in allowing people to access their inner state of healing, so we can be encouraged to explore new modalities and strategies for healing.

Consistency is how we bring excellence to our craft

From Michael Jordan to Justin Bieber, consistency is one of the biggest traits that made them different from the rest. Talent is a must, but unceasing repetition is what allows them and us to master our crafts. When we do what we love, the consistent pursuit of our passion isn’t a choice – there is no option not to continue pushing. Consistency is a tool to maximize who we are. It allows us to optimize our direction and energy, which is essential to being a top performer.

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