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One of our greatest challenges in life comes from finding out who we are truly meant to be. Enjoying our chase for our destiny or our “highest self” is what makes life worthwhile. No matter what areas you are choosing to pursue your potential in, here are nine strategies that you can use to ensure that you are on the right track.

Our potential comes from our genetic and energetic inheritance

When it comes to our true potential, this is determined by both the genes that we inherit from our parents (and how they express themselves), as well as by the energy that we carry. Sometimes, we may have the desire to chase goals that aren’t aligned with our physical or mental abilities, but we can still learn valuable lessons from those experiences. When we are consistent and persistent in pursuing the right things in our life, that is when we will experience the most enjoyment and see the best results.

Use the Law of Gravity to our advantage

The Law of Gravity comes from the idea that right now, we’re exactly where we’re supposed to be, and that we need to be grateful for this fact. Having the faith that we’re in the right place, at the perfect time, is a key part of our mindset. Tied into this principle is the principle that we are already happy, healthy, wealthy, and worthy, we just have to figure out what we’re doing to interfere with it.

Live in the world of abundance

There are three worlds that we can perceive that we live in: the world of not enough, the world of just enough (for me), and the world of more than enough. To truly be abundant in our lives, we must believe that we live in a world where there is more than enough of everything to make people happy. Living abundantly is not only about being a giving person. We can’t give to others what we don’t have for ourselves first, so we also need to practice receiving. The next step is giving things away so that we can truly appreciate them. Finally, we must have the willingness to ask to receive more, so that the cycle of abundance can continue.

Faith is the ultimate currency

Currency is an object of energy that we put into the flow or current, to get what we want. We must remember that faith is also a currency that we can spend or invest, and we do this by utilizing the Five Daily Practices. Knowing What we want, Who can help us (and Who we can help), How we can achieve it, creating a plan for our Now, and then applying our Why to connect us with what inspires us. This consistent and persistent behavior uses faith to guide us as we pursue what we think we want for our future.

Pain is not a STOP sign

Pain is an indicator that there is a lesson to be learned, not that we should stop the pursuit of our potential. We must also have faith that our situation will improve if we are consistent and persistent about taking positive actions that push us toward our goals. Reminding ourselves that we are being protected and promoted, rather than being punished, can also help us to maintain our connection to what inspires us.

Ask for Help

Mentors and teachers are invaluable resources as we pursue our potential, so we must be willing to seek them out and ask for advice. Having the humility to ask may feel like a challenge, but it is a necessary part of growth. When we find people who are in the situation we want to be in and ask for help or directions, they will help us to get to our desired destination more efficiently and with a far greater rate of success.

Analyze time with a lens of productivity, accessibility, and gratitude

When looking at how we plan our days, it is helpful to focus on three areas: productivity, accessibility, and gratitude. We must work to improve our productivity or how much value we can provide in a specific amount of time. We should also place our attention on the idea of accessibility, meaning how we are to be of service or value to others, as well as how we’re accessing what we want. Finally, we need to utilize gratitude as a muscle we exercise by seeking the light, love, and lessons in each circumstance we come across. In order to be the most efficient, we also have to determine whether it’s worthwhile to invest our time to find those lessons.

Master the Mathematical Equation for Luck (Attention + Intention = Coincidences)

There is a very simple equation for being lucky in life or having the right coincidences occur. What we pay attention to (aka what we’re aware of) plus where we put intention in (aka what we think, say, do, believe, and feel) equals the coincidences that happen in our life. We want to put our attention and intention on the things that we want in life to manifest them, rather than focusing on what we do not want, what’s missing, or what others want for us.

Prioritization is the antidote to procrastination

Utilizing the aforementioned Five Daily Practices will help us to be clear on our greatest priorities so that we can make the most efficient use of our time, energy, and resources. Taking inventory of our values leads to having a clear understanding of our greatest priorities so that we can take decisive action based on opportunities that are aligned with those values. Prioritization also helps us to overcome any feelings of being overwhelmed by too many opportunities, as we have clear guidelines with which to make our choices.

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