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While you may recognize him from shows like Holey Moley or The Daily Show, or maybe movies like 21 Jump Street and The Hangover, Rob Riggle truly has one of the most unique careers in Hollywood history. With more than 23 years of service in the Marine Corps to add to his wealth of experience in the entertainment industry, the Emmy-nominated comedic actor sheds light on four ways that people can get closer to becoming their best selves.

We must get out of our comfort zone

We will never achieve our potential if we are unwilling to step out of our comfort zone. We have to try new things in order to determine what areas are best for us to focus on improving. We can learn from the “failures” we experience along the way, but we can’t learn from not trying.

When we find our calling, follow it relentlessly

It’s important to find an outlet for our greatest passions in life, especially those that make us happy. We want to live inspired, which is a mindset that empowers us to be creative and pursue our potential. After we have identified a potential calling, we must be consistent and persistent in chasing after our goals, while also understanding that our goals may change over time.

Success is about resiliency, fortitude, and a willingness to “embrace the suck”

We all experience setbacks and rejection as a part of our lives. Most of us also experience the feelings of shame that come along with rejection or a sense of failure. We must remember that this feeling is only temporary and that we must look for lessons in the challenges we face. When you have practice in weathering those difficulties, you develop the grit to help you keep pushing forward, no matter what.

Constantly seek opportunities for growth

Personal development is a key part of thriving in life. As Rob says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying.” It is our level of skills and knowledge that determines our baseline of potential, so we must be tenacious in the way we learn. A passion for adding things, combined with a high level of desire, ensures that we are getting closer to our greatest potential.

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