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One of the greatest determinants between success and failure is whether our mindset is helping us towards our goals or whether it is impairing our progress. Our mindset can be the difference between just having a dream and making our dreams into reality. Here are four tools that will empower you as you chase your biggest goals, ensuring that you stay on the right track.

Have a strong foundation of core values

Everything in life, from the construction of a building to a relationship, requires a solid foundation, or it will crumble. Our foundation is a support system as we pursue our success, and we want that foundation to be as solid as possible. Strong core values such as gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication are what provide that foundation, and we must have daily practices that reinforce these values and their importance to us.

Never lose sight of the simple things

What’s easy to do is also easy not to do, so we cannot take tasks like saying “thank you” for granted. This idea means that we must place our attention and intention on making sure that we do the easy tasks and simple positive habits, which are what sets us up for success when facing even greater challenges. When we place additional focus on the five areas of intention (what we think, say, do, believe and feel), this will also make it harder for us to forget the simple but important tasks. Doing this consistency is also an important part of the equation for success.

Be humble enough to ask for help

There is so much value in mentorship, especially learning from people who have walked the path that we are currently walking or one that we are wanting to pursue. What can be a challenge for some of us is having the humility to ask for help from others along the way. Remember that if we are making a connection with someone, they can be either a sponsor of ours (someone who knows someone else who can help us) or a power sponsor (someone who can help us themselves and who knows someone else who can help us). Asking for mentorship, help, and guidance will only accelerate your success as you pursue your goals.

Prioritization is the antidote to procrastination and feeling overwhelmed

Having a clear idea of our priorities is a major key to achieving greatness. Knowing your priorities and what you most value is what empowers you to act. And if we know what we want to prioritize now and what we want to prioritize next, we are able to take very swift action. The more decisions we can make that are based on our priorities, the greater chance of success we have. Knowing our priorities is also an immense help when our plans need to change, as they can help us determine our new trajectory for the future.

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