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Our minds hold immense power over-reaching our potential and building the future we want. The beliefs we hold about ourselves, others, and the circumstances in our lives can either propel us toward success or hold us back from achieving our goals. It is up to us to shift our perspective. Here are four ideas that will help transform how we see our lives and better align our efforts with our greatest desires.

What effectuates our future is today

What we do today propels us toward the outcomes we will see in the future, but what we do today in the trajectory of our future often relies on the beliefs we attach to the past. Attaching the wrong beliefs to the past will set us up for failure in the present (and future). Our negative or false beliefs stemming from our prior failures, obstacles, mistakes, and even successes, make us unable to effectuate productive measures today in the trajectory of what we want in the future or better. We must shift our negative beliefs of the past to make sure what we do today is constructive.

 Identify your fears of the past

Identifying what we are afraid of and what ego-based consciousness we are applying to it will allow us to release the fear that holds us back. What we are prescribing to our fear could be resentment, guilt, superiority, or the need to be right, but whatever it is, identifying it will help us move forward. Instead of trying to resist, go around, or manipulate the fear, we should simply stop and breathe. Resisting only wastes our energy and creates more interference in our lives. Raising our awareness to our fears and sitting with them will help clear the interference and make it easier to handle them if they pop up again.

Shift your perspective to being worthy

In a world of abundance, there is no “more,” there is only “I am.” Each of us are already healthy, wealthy, and worthy, but we interfere with our potential when we focus on what we don’t have or feel like we don’t deserve the things we do have in our life. When we don’t feel worthy, we tend to see the undesired circumstances, events, and people that come about as punishment. However, when we feel worthy, we understand that we are protected and promoted by the “pain”. We learn vital lessons, see positives, and even find open doors for better things to occur in our lives. We must shift our viewpoint to being worthy in order to stop viewing ourselves as a victim and fulfill our true potential.

Forgiveness heals everything

Practicing forgiveness will change our lives. If a person is causing us pain, we can choose to find the light, the love, and the lessons in that pain and forgive them, which will heal the dis-ease almost instantaneously. We should never allow that person and the pain they cause to negatively impact us. In order to have forgiveness for ourselves, we also must have faith, as well. When we have faith that we are just interfering with our potential, we can forgive ourselves and repair our confidence and self-image. Practicing forgiveness for ourselves and others will heal all and put us at ease, which makes manifesting what we desire in our lives occur more rapidly and accurately.

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