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Although Pro Football Hall of Famer Champ Bailey and entrepreneurial superstar Gary Vaynerchuck have excelled in different pursuits, they both share profound insights into teamwork and leadership that will boost our progress and allow us to create an even greater impact. In a world filled with challenges, the values of gratitude, teamwork, authenticity, and mentorship offer a powerful framework for individuals to navigate life’s obstacles and be their best on and off the field. Here are four strategies that Champ and Gary shared which will help you to be the best leader and teammate possible.

Take a step back and put things in perspective

Obstacles and adversity inevitably find us no matter who we are, but we must be able to take a step back and remind ourselves of the blessings we have. Gary Vaynerchuck puts his challenges into perspective with gratitude, guilt, and the ability to scare himself. No matter how bad the situation, he’ll think of the worst case scenario, as it puts his current circumstances into perspective. While fear may not be the tact for everyone, the overarching practice of gratitude always prevails. Gratitude will help us see our circumstances more clearly and positively.

You can have one great player, but he won’t change the game

Teamwork is everything, in football and in life. Growing up with his brothers, Champ Bailey learned the value of working together and sharing early on. In football, this same lesson holds true. Success is reliant on all 11 players on the field – no one can do anything by themselves. Good teammates must listen, appreciate each others’ strengths, and trust one another, whether in sports or in business. No matter the endeavor, striving to be a connected team where everyone feels valued will help everyone to achieve their goals.

Be as genuine as possible

Building lasting relationships that are authentic and not transactional is vital in business, sports, and life. In order to create those lasting connections, we must be our most genuine selves. It is important not to step out of ourselves just to please others, as everyone involved in the relationship will soon realize it has no authentic foundation. When we are genuine and honest, we must accept that people will either gravitate toward us or not. Having the fortitude to believe in ourselves and trust in our values is what empowers us to attract the right people and build genuine relationships that support us along our journey.

Be the person who wants to teach and give back

Sharing the knowledge we have acquired along the way is a pursuit that will benefit others as well as ourselves. When we are able to teach something, it confirms that we’ve truly learned the information. Giving our knowledge away to others creates an environment where everyone learns from each other to succeed jointly. In addition to providing people who are younger or less experienced with the tools they need to succeed, we must open the door to learn from them too. When we choose to be the person who doesn’t keep their secrets to themselves, we can help everyone around us flourish.

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