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A legend in the personal development space, Bob Proctor was renowned for his remarkable personal transformation and dedicated his life to empowering others to follow suit. He proved that when we visualize our dreams and commit to action, the boundless possibilities of life become tangible realities within our grasp. Here are four invaluable pieces of wisdom from Bob Proctor that hold the key to unlocking our inner potential and reshaping the trajectory of our life.

Only we can change our life

There is only one person capable of changing our life: us. Our subconscious is like the Earth. It doesn’t care what we plant, but it will return what we plant, whether those seeds are good or bad. We have the ability to change what we input into ourselves, allowing us to alter our subconscious and the results we see in the world. Other people can help us come to this realization, but the work to change our lives must come from the inside.

We must analyze our beliefs to change them

Our beliefs dictate how we perceive the world around us, which will influence the trajectory of our lives for better or for worse. We must truly and whole-heartedly believe in our success in order to achieve them. Lingering thoughts of uncertainty will halt our goals from taking root in our subconscious and prevent us from making the changes we desire. In order to shift our beliefs to support our goals, we must reevaluate them. By simply assessing the beliefs we currently hold about a situation, our beliefs about the situation can change.

We have genius inside us

We are trained to live through our senses, gathering information through what we can see, touch, feel, hear, and taste. We live externally, oftentimes failing to consider the inner environment of our mind. We must find a way to consciously alter the paradigm of our subconscious to unleash the genius inside of us. This process requires ceaseless repetition. Perfect practice makes us perfect. By remaining consistent, we will program our subconscious and improve our results.

If we can hold it our head, we can hold it in our hand

We have the imagination to help us get out of the “box” which prevents us from reaching our full potential. If we can build the image, we can manifest it. Bob had many pieces of wisdom to pass on, but one of the most impactful is this: There is more to life than we are experiencing. We can have whatever we want, but we have to earn it. All we have to do is wake up, and then there is no end to what we are capable of doing.

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