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There are two attributes that will help us to succeed over the long run, no matter what goals we are pursuing, and those are consistency and persistence. Those attributes are immensely important when we are pursuing our potential in terms of both our daily habits and our financial wellness. Whether we are looking to make long-term gains financially or seeking to ensure that our day-to-day behaviors are aligned with our personal goals, here are five things we must keep in mind if we want to overcome our limiting beliefs and thrive:

Seeing our own progress is extremely difficult

Humans tend to look for instant gratification or quick results to identify our progress but are often disappointed because we do not see it. One of our biggest challenges comes from the fact that it is nearly impossible to determine our growth without having an outside perspective. Whether in finances or personal development, our own progress is something we cannot be aware of; so we need to utilize our faith and enjoy the consistent and persistent pursuit of our potential or goals. As long as we are taking the right actions to improve our skills, knowledge, or desire on a daily basis, we will see results in the long run.

Money and progress are both energies

Money and progress are both energies that aggregate, compound, and accelerate toward the future we think that we want. With faith, consistency, and persistence, it’s only a matter of time before we can reap the rewards of our work. Always remember the Rule of 72: If we improve or earn 1% over a period of time, it takes 72 periods for us to have a doubling effect. Believe and rely on the math of progress, and know that the earlier we start making financial or personal investments in ourselves, the better.

Do not let the past limit our beliefs

Our current beliefs are often ingrained with the past and we limit ourselves by the meaning we give that past– our mistakes, failures, setbacks, traumas, and historical references that are not aligned with where we want to be. Today is tomorrow’s past, and we can give meaning to today and to our future based on the meaning that we give our past. Having a clear understanding of our goals and where we want to go in life gives us the focus needed to get it done, and when we are consistent and persistent in our pursuit of the future, we can manifest even better things than what we’re dreaming of today.

Don’t forget the simple things

Things that are simple to do are also simple not to do. Basic things such as saying thank you every day or saving small amounts regularly are easy to overlook, but doing them consistently and with faith creates the compounding energy we need to reach our goals. When we heighten our awareness of accomplishing the simple tasks that are aligned with the trajectory we want, we are also setting ourselves up to have the greatest chance of success when facing the most difficult tasks.

All of these principles apply to negative behaviors as well

Bad behavior creates negative energy that interferes with our potential, and this negative energy also aggregates and compounds over time. We may not see its effects right away, but it can lead to devastating impacts in the future if we do not mitigate the bad energy around us regularly. We first have to identify the negative energies, habits, and behaviors in our life that are creating the most resistance. Then, we work towards redirecting those actions towards the trajectory that you want or focus on cutting them out of our lives entirely.

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