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Clarity of message is important if we truly want to get our point across to an audience. One of my favorite areas to reflect on during the New Year is the times when I am more commonly misunderstood, so I can make adjustments and ensure that people are truly hearing and understanding what I want to say.

I went back and found some of my most misunderstood pieces of content from this year, to help better articulate some of those ideas, so that everyone has an opportunity to grow and learn these five lessons and apply them going forward.

Money doesn’t buy love or happiness

Above all else, money is a tool that allows us to “shop” for things that may make us happy. The biggest key comes from the choice to shop for the right things in life, rather than focusing on purchasing items or experiences that bring us no happiness or joy.

The spirit of excellence always sets people apart

There is a difference between feeling beholden to complete an activity to feeling inspired to accomplish it. The people who are the first to show up and the last to leave, who operate with a spirit of excellence, are the ones who will receive the greatest rewards. When you give your full attention and intention to a task, that leads to more luck and opportunities in the future.

There is a massive difference between going the extra mile and living on the empty mile

Being willing to go the extra mile on occasion is fine, but those who are consistent and persistent about making an extra effort will always see the greatest benefit from this approach. Having the faith to invest in ourselves each and every day is the mindset of a champion and is a necessary part of pursuing our potential.

Empower people to make decisions that are good for them

We get the best results from employees who have the power and flexibility to balance their priorities with those of the company. Offering people a path to make their own decisions, such as unlimited vacation time or the ability to set their own schedules, is a just reward for individuals who work alongside us.

Our words have power

The words we choose have immense power, both positive and negative. Negative or attacking thoughts rarely make a situation better, which is why we should always focus on positive communication. We must strive to bring positive and thoughtful words to our conversations, even if they are not always received in the same fashion.

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