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One of my favorite places to speak at each year is Web Summit, which has been called the world’s largest tech conference. Getting to experience cutting-edge thought leadership and interacting with some of the best executives always reminds me of the principles that unite all successful marketers.

Here are four of my top lessons from this year’s conference that you can apply to marketing and growing your business in 2023.

We can’t scale a business without the right people

The people are the foundation for any successful organization and there are three steps to scale any business that we need to apply in order to ensure we have that foundation. New members of the team should start with shadowing others until they are able to “break-even” with the value they are providing (either relative to expectations or to the revenue that they generate). From there, they can continue to grow and progress until their level of performance requires that we elevate them to a higher role, so others can start shadowing them. Lots of people think that scaling a business is only about the financial investment you make, when it really boils down to how many people you need, in order to get the goals that you want

We need to be learning every day

One of the best investments we can make is in ourselves and our education. Following our passions and curiosity are what will help accelerate us in the pursuit of our potential. We must also seek out mentors to learn from, meaning that we identify people who sit in a situation that we want to be in and seek to understand the mindset, heart set, and handset that they used to excel. Also key is having the humility to ask for help, whether that is from our mentors, coaches, or teachers.

Consistency is key for any marketing or branding efforts that we undertake

We must combine our desire for growth with a consistent approach to our day-to-day activities in order to thrive. Having the right systems in place will serve to amplify our efforts, rather than diminish them. Simple practices, like saying “thank you” when you wake up and before you go to bed, can have a massive impact on our mindset when we are consistent about using them. Having a strong mindset empowers us to effectively share our messages with others so that the message resonates with our audience.

Concentrate on what we’re becoming, not what’s coming

We can get lost paying too much attention to trends or trying to predict what will happen in the future, rather than placing our attention and intention on the present. The best results come when we direct our focus inward and work to improve our product, service, or solution wherever possible. We must also make a practice of taking stock in who we are now and what we want to become in the future, then identify pragmatic actions we can take to help us progress towards those goals.

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