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Our health and wellness are something that empowers us as we pursue our goals or they can impair our progress, so we must make sure that we are making the right investments in this area every day. Here are four strategies that will help us to be consistent and persistent as we pursue better physical and mental health so that we can get even closer to our true potential.

Take note of things that resonate most with us

We are born with intuition, but it doesn’t necessarily mean we know when things are going to happen. We have to think of intuition as a combination of intellect, gut feeling, energy, frequency, or inspiration that serves as an indicator for us to pay attention. Our health is one area that we can receive immense benefits by paying attention and putting our intention on having the right habits.

Using our intuition to capture health-related lessons or stories that resonate with us helps build a list of techniques and practices that we can apply to our own pursuit of our physical potential. When we create a system where we can reposit these lessons and stories, we are empowered to refer back to them whenever we need to, helping us to apply them more consistently.

Believe that there is something bigger than us

Whatever religion or belief we ascribe to, when we have faith that there’s something bigger than us that loves us more than our dearest family members, we are inspired to push through any difficulties we experience. We have to understand that we are all on a journey of protection and promotion. While life will have pain, suffering, failures, and setbacks, these are not punishments–they are there to protect and promote us as we pursue our potential.

We must learn to identify what limits us and puts us at “dis-ease”, whether physically, mentally, or spiritually. From there, we can work to eliminate the thoughts, actions, and people creating the most inference as we look to improve our physical (and mental) wellness.

Know that we don’t have the ability to see immediate results

If our (good) behavior is aligned with the direction we want for our life, we also have to have faith that it will aggregate and it will eventually arrive at the right time. It may not be at the time we initially want, but it will be even better than we imagined. Exercising, investing in our health, and being grateful every day are examples of good things that can have profound positive benefits in our life but require a lot of faith in progress. We must consider the behavior, habits, or activities that we do and whether they will aggregate positive energy and wealth in our life, or if they might be harming our progress.

Take care of ourselves, so that we can take care of others

The often-used “oxygen mask on an airplane” example is an important one to consider. We are best suited to serve others when we have properly taken care of ourselves and our health first. When we are consistently and persistently focused on investing in our health, we will have the greatest capacity to help others. When we are healthy, we will have more energy to invest in others and even more resilience to deal with any difficulties along the way.

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