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In the past few years, we’ve seen more changes in the business environment than ever before. As a result, we need to be adaptable as leaders in order to set up our team members and our business to reach their greatest potential. Here are four strategies that we can apply to create more momentum in our professional pursuits and empower those around us to thrive as well.

The Future of the Modern Workforce is Hybrid
When COVID-19 first struck in 2020, everybody worked remotely out of necessity. A couple of years later, for various reasons, a large part of the workforce has been hesitant to return to the offices. As business leaders, it is important to understand that flexibility is very desirable for our team members and to put in place systems that provide that flexibility for our team. As long as our team members are able to be productive and accessible with their time each and every day, we should encourage them to have a positive work/life balance.

AI only makes predictions, humans must make judgments
There’s no debating the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in business today, as well as the fact that its impact will continue to grow. That makes it vital for us to understand that technology is a servant and not meant to be our master. What AI is really good at is making predictions based on the data it is fed, but is still up to the user to ensure that we are providing the right data and prompts in order to get a good result. By using our intellect and intuition, combined with the tools that technology provides us, we can make better judgments and typically do it far faster than ever before.


We must take control of our destiny
In order to thrive professionally, we must take accountability for our own results, rather than choosing to be a victim of circumstance. Taking accountability means that we are not only responsible for what happens to us, but we look to learn from each situation. Asking reflective questions, such as what we did to attract a specific circumstance, how we are participating in that perception, and what we can do to learn from our mistakes puts us in a position to grow. Without accountability, we often miss out on the most valuable lessons that are right in front of us and suffer from the same errors over and over.


Awareness is key to empowering others
As leaders, it is impossible for us to make needed changes to the systems and processes in our business without first having the knowledge that there is, in fact, an issue. We must be effective listeners in order to raise our level of awareness of areas of potential improvement for ourselves and our team. Listening skills raise our awareness of the issues that create the most interference in our business so that we can make the proper adjustments to remove that interference and put our team in the best position to excel.

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