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We are accountable for generating our own luck or the coincidences that we desire in our lives, but thankfully there is an equation that helps us to create those coincidences. What we pay attention to (aka what we’re aware of) plus where we put intention in (aka what we think, say, do, believe, and feel) equals the coincidences that happen in our life. We want to put our attention and intention on the things that we want in life to manifest them, rather than focusing on what we do not want, what’s missing, or what others want for us.

We need to pay attention each and every day to what we want out of our day today in a trajectory of what we think we want for the future (knowing that our goals will change or evolve). There are also five levels of intention or levels of energy to help us through the mathematical equation of luck which persist of what we DO, what we SAY, what we THINK, what we BELIEVE, and what we FEEL. When each of these areas are aligned with the future we want, we are empowered to create that future.

The 1st Level of Intention

This is the lowest level of energy in our mathematical equation for luck and that is what we do. This means to not just sit around and meditate and do nothing all day, because nothing happens unless we move! This intention teaches us to get alignment, take action, and prepare for an adjustment in our lives. We need to ask ourselves simple questions every day to ensure that we’re on the right track. Ask ourselves whether we are doing our best, learning lessons, and having fun, and if not, why? This intention allows us to be conscious of our actions and to get up every day to take the first step forward in our equation of luck.

The 2nd Level of Intention

Our next level of energy is WHAT WE SAY. We can raise our intention to another level of frequency or vibration by using the speed of sound. We must focus on saying the who, what, and how of our goals as often as possible. This helps to ground us to the reality of our pursuits, while also helping them to become part of our subconscious and unconscious selves. We should never talk negatively and always look to speak in ways that are aligned with the future we think we want (or even something better). We need to be willing to talk about any “impossible” goals that we have, as well as have the humility to ask for help along the way.

The 3rd Level of Intention

The third level of intention needs to be aligned with what we THINK we want or better. Thought moves faster than the speed of light, sound, and action, so putting our intention on our thoughts is crucial. We have the power to take a positive perspective, no matter the situation or obstacle we’re faced with, so we must think in ways that are aligned with our goals and help us to keep faith. For the times when we have negative repetitive thoughts and lack faith in ourselves, we can work to Cancel the negative thoughts when they pop up, Clear our mind, and then Connect back to our source of inspiration.

The 4th Level of Intention

Our level of belief is the fourth level of intention and a vital component of our equation of luck.  As the old saying goes, “If you believe it, you will achieve it”. If you do not think something is possible, you will never achieve it. Belief is what helps us to take a possibility and make it into a probability for us. Belief is a higher level of thought and a higher level of intention that includes not only intelligence but intuition as well. In order to make our beliefs into reality, we must be willing to confront any fears that we experience along our journey. Self-belief is what allows us to face and overcome those fears, having the faith that something better is on the other side of those obstacles.

The 5th Level of Intention

The final ingredient to our equation of luck provides the most aggregation, the most exponentiality of outcomes, and the greatest amount of acceleration in our lives, it’s what we feel. When we DO, SAY, THINK, and BELIEVE something for long enough, it becomes a part of us that we are unable to shake. These feelings are motivational and inspirational. They are our source of ease, not “dis-ease”. Instead of accelerating into the needs of the ego, interference and dis-ease, we have the inner strength to continually pursue our goals. By combining the consistent and persistent in our pursuit of our potential with an intentional approach, we will create immeasurable “luck” and coincidences in our lives.

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