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We are all more powerful than we think, but our mind and body need to be working together, so we can be our most effective. It’s easy to understand that when we are balanced, we are our strongest. When we are out of balance, we are inviting stress and disease into our lives. Here are five different strategies you can use to find a greater balance between your head and your heart.

Regulating our thoughts and feelings are essential

Now, more than ever before, we have tools to help us better measure and understand the thoughts and feelings that we have, as well as their physiological impact. Since we have these tools, it makes it even more important for us to heighten our awareness of our thoughts and feelings, working to make adjustments for the times that we are being more negative. This is especially true for the negative thoughts and feelings that are the most common or repetitive in our lives. We must be willing to be introspective about the root cause of those fears that we experience regularly.

Be willing to explore and be curious

One of the most important parts of improving the connection between our brain and our heart is following our curiosity. We need to experiment with new ways to create more alignment between our hearts and our head. Humans tend to respond to our environment, so we should look to surround ourselves with activities, thoughts, sounds, and people that cause us as little stress as possible.

Nothing changes in our life until we change

In order to create a new reality for ourselves, we must place our intention and attention on making progress with our mindset each day. By consistently improving our thoughts, words, actions, and our level of self-belief, we are opening ourselves up to even greater opportunities and possibilities in life. It is only after making a change within ourselves that we will see a lasting change in our exterior results.

Ego is healthy (when it’s in balance)

It’s important to remember that sometimes, our ego can act as a protector and help save us from potentially dangerous situations. The problem comes when ego and stress get in our way, and prevent us from being accountable or learning lessons from a particular situation. Rather than allowing the selfish needs of our ego to cause interference, we must practice the Stop, Drop, and Roll approach. Stop feeding into the negative emotions, breathe and drop down to our baseline or center, and roll by taking action in a positive direction.

Our mental victories add up over time

Each time that we are willing to confront our fears and negative emotions, we are strengthening our level of brain-heart coherence. We can build a much stronger connection between our brain and heart if we have the fortitude to put in consistent time and effort. Just like exercising a muscle, greater repetitions will lead to more strength and power over time, making it much easier for us to confront issues that may have been difficult for us in the past.

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