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Using technology with intention is what will yield the greatest results, which is why technology needs to be viewed as a servant for us, rather than perceiving it to be our master. By prioritizing the uses of technology such as AI in ways that are aligned with our day-to-day and long-term goals, we can create the most momentum towards those goals. Here are five strategies that we can use technology to empower our business to grow.

We tend to fear what we do not know

Things that are unfamiliar to us also tend to cause us the most fear or anxiety, which makes it essential for us to be curious and inquisitive, rather than fearful. We need to be more interested than interesting to learn about AI and how it can be an asset to our business or its systems. Taking an open-minded approach to learning more about what technology offers is the only way to discover what is out there to improve our organization.

Technology is a tool, which can be used to build or destroy

Technology can be beneficial or detrimental like a hammer, which can be used to construct a house or disassemble one. Since we are in control of the tools that we use, it is up to us to ensure that our tools are aligned with our intentions. We need to be using them in ways that push us towards our goals, rather than allowing them to cause interference. Being honest about the times that we are misusing technology and falling victim to distraction is immensely important, as well, because it gives us the opportunity to make adjustments to our habits.

Look to create more productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness

When we are more efficient with resources such as our time, energy, or money on a consistent basis, we will always get better long-term results. Technology such as AI can be a fantastic aid in helping to create such efficiencies, whether in our business or our personal life because it helps us get started quickly. By exploring new ways to systematically use AI or other tools, we can unlock the true potential of our business and the people who are a part of it.

Better technology means more access

Technology today allows us to connect with more people than ever, meaning that we have more opportunities to connect with potential business partners and clients. Whether we are using our phone, email, or social media to connect with others, we should be grateful that we have more access than ever before in human history. We must also look to use technology in ways that create a meaningful connection with the people who are most relative to us and our business.

When we discover a great use of technology, we must share it

If we do happen to discover new systems or tools that help us to be more productive or create more impact in our business, we should also consider sharing those ideas with others who are aligned with us. Technology can have a far greater impact when it is shared, so it is incumbent on us to be abundant and willing to pass along the new and novel ways that we use tech so that others can share in the benefits, too.

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