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All of my life, I thought that money could buy happiness and solve any problem, but I was wrong. Since I’ve learned that lesson, these five ideas have been crucial to helping me make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.

#1 – Our Frequency is Our Neighborhood

Our frequency, the “vibration” we put out into the world, is what attracts people to us. This makes it key for us to not only put out the right vibe but surround ourselves with the right people and the right ideas. The right people include those who can help to provide us with options, opportunities, and touches of favor. The right ideas are those that bring us value and empower us to consistently and persistently pursue our potential.

#2 – Feed Those That Feed Us

One of the biggest mistakes we can make is prioritizing the people who do not prioritize us. In simpler terms, we need to feed the people that feed us. For those that do not add value to our lives, the ones that “bleed us”, we need to either let them fall away or we can choose to fire them from our lives.

#3 – Elevate Others to Elevate Ourselves

There is little that helps to accelerate growth more than mentorship. Mentors can guide us along our journey and help us to avoid making the same mistakes and missteps that they did. Not only must we seek out people with situational knowledge to ask for advice, but we must also do our best to empower others with the skills, knowledge, and desire that we possess. Those willing to give guidance and advice without expectation of anything in return will receive the greatest benefits.

#4 – Look For Open Minds, Open Hearts, and Open Hands

Seeking out the people that are most aligned with us is what will yield the best results, rather than looking for a specific archetype. It is infinitely easier to connect with someone who has an open mind than convincing someone who has a closed mind, so we must spend our energy and attention on people who think like we do. Practice identifying whether someone has an open mind at the current time, understanding that even open-minded people can have moments of closed-mindedness (and vice versa).

#5 – Live in the World of “More Than Enough”

We must realize that like money, faith is a currency. One of the most important places to invest our faith is in the belief in abundance. When we believe in a world of “just enough” or “not enough”, that perception will be our reality. Taking an abundant approach to life and business is an essential component of achieving true wealth.

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