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What it means to have an “internal thermostat” and how you can adjust yours

Why is it that people fail when the pressure is on? Ed Mylett uses his experience playing college baseball to talk about how your thoughts and beliefs about yourself will govern your results. When you understand how the limitations you place upon yourself are impacting your pursuit of your potential, you are able to overcome them.


How to identify the true skills you possess and use them to find bliss in life

For many, happiness can be found in helping other people. Every person has skills they can utilize to improve the lives of others, but it takes keen insights to apply those skills and create a positive influence on the world. Dedicate yourself to not only discovering your strengths but leveraging them in order to make life better for yourself and others. 


Why Ed believes that you are only one decision away from changing the trajectory of your future

Your mindset is one of the biggest keys when it comes to overcoming adversity. Ed shares his father’s alcoholism story as a shining example of how to create change in your life by taking things one day at a time. You can discover how to apply the “power of one more” in your own life by learning to shift your perspective. 


The best way to get the attention of a potential mentor

Mentors can have some of the greatest impacts on our lives, but creating that initial connection can be intimidating. Utilizing the Law of Reciprocity can help anyone to gain the attention of their desired mentor, and begin to establish a relationship. Having a sincere exchange of value is the key.


The single best strategy for building more self-confidence

There is one main cause for a lack of confidence… an inability to keep promises that you make. When you are able to consistently keep the promises you make, especially those that you make to yourself, you are guaranteed to have a more positive self-identity. And by associating yourself with the right people and ideas, that confidence will continue to grow!

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