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One of my favorite parts of the week is the Friday Training sessions, and last week’s topic involved some of the most valuable lessons that myself and my business associates have recently learned. Here are six of the top insights from the training, to help you on your journey as you pursue your potential.

#1-Remembering Our Lessons is Essential

Life is about lessons and these lessons will keep coming to us until we learn them. What makes our lessons more valuable is creating a system that helps us to access what we’ve learned. By writing down or capturing the lessons which resonate most with us, we empower ourselves to remember and recollect them, so that we do not have to re-learn them later.

#2-Focus on Our Discoverability

One of the best litmus tests for a brand is how discoverable it is, meaning whether the right people are coming across it during their regular communications. Who do we want to discover us? Those most closely aligned with us. We don’t want people who aren’t aligned with our message to discover us, as they tend to create more resistance for us. Discoverability is important to pay attention to because it is a confirmation of our ability to capture, modify, amplify, and perpetuate content that represents our brand.

#3-Don’t Take Ourselves So Seriously

We never want to take ourselves so seriously that we lose sight of what’s important. Life and practicing forgiveness are so much easier when we don’t feed the needs of our ego, like the need to be offended. We cannot let our pride get in the way of our personal and professional growth.

#4-Be Intentional About the Words We Use

We can’t feel bad enough to make others feel good, so we must try to take a positive approach with our communication. For example, rather than apologizing for being late to a meeting, we can choose to thank others for their patience and understanding. The energy and acknowledgment that comes with that type of communication are much more beneficial and will lead to even more authentic relationships.

#5-Our Ego’s Tendency is To Resist

When we are uneasy or at “dis-ease”, our ego tends to fight or resist the situation and in the process, we can unknowingly create even more resistance for ourselves. Rather than feeding into our fears or fighting against our perception, we must practice the Stop, Drop, and Roll technique. We stop feeding into the negativity, drop down to our center or baseline, and then roll by taking some action that is in pursuit of our higher self.

#6-Consistency and Persistence Are Keys To Our Success

Having daily practices and being consistent about them are what help us to build the greatest amount of momentum in our lives. As the saying goes, “Keep showing up and good things will happen.” Quitting ensures that our momentum toward our goal is gone, forcing us to start back at the beginning.

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