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The drawbacks of complacency for high achievers

Resting on our laurels and not continuing to push ourselves towards progress can lead to boredom and discontent. It’s important to strike a balance between being grateful for what we have and not becoming complacent. Seek out sources of inspiration in order to keep moving towards the milestones that we want to surpass in life or business.


Grant’s daily process for goal setting and how that serves to inspire his actions

One of the best ways to set our intentions is to quickly write goals down every morning and every night. Make sure that these are our biggest goals, not those that can be accomplished in a day, week, or month. Don’t focus on the strategy or mechanics needed to reach these goals, simply just write out “destinations” that intrigue us and that we are enthusiastic to pursue.


How our mentors can teach us what to do, as well as what to avoid

Mentors have some of the greatest influence in our lives and set examples for us to follow. What’s equally valuable is learning what not to do from our mentors, helping to avoid the same mistakes and pitfalls they experienced. Watching and observing others can teach us many lessons, so that we do not have to pay the “dummy tax” ourselves.


Balancing giving and receiving as an entrepreneur 

Take an abundant approach to business, be transparent about our successes and show others what is working for us, so that they can thrive. Don’t be afraid to share the tools or strategies that will help others find the confidence to succeed. And remember that we need to first figure out the receiving portion of the equation, because we cannot give something to others unless we have it for ourselves. 

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