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Our past does not define us, it refines us

We give the past inflection points in our lives meaning, so we must not let ourselves become victims of the past. It’s important to shift our mindset to see that our toughest challenges in life are also our greatest lessons. When we take accountability for learning and progressing from our past, our future becomes brighter than ever,

We cannot grow if we spend all of our time in the comfort zone

It is impossible for us to know our true capabilities without pushing ourselves. Spend as much time in the learning zone as possible, to pursue our higher self consistently and persistently. It is only then that we can overcome the limitations that we’ve placed on ourselves, whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Few things are worse than living as a “tube”

Taking stock in our approach to life (and business) is essential if we want to set and achieve goals that others may deem as “crazy”. When we analyze the areas where we are going through the motions, rather than placing attention and intention on our actions, we can make positive changes to our routines that will help us to plateau and grow.

Our words have immense power

The stories that we tell ourselves have a massive impact on our mindset, heartset, and handset. Adding or changing one word in a sentence can instantly change our perspective to one that is more favorable to our success. It can be empowering to tell ourselves something as simple as we “get to” do a task, rather than we’ve “got to” do it.

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