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These 5 steps will help you sell anything:

 1. Stimulate Interest

Stimulate interest for availability first, meaning practice getting people to respond to your calls, texts, emails, and social media messages. Then, focus on stimulating interest for your business or services.

2. Transition the Interest
Emotionally connect with who you’re targeting. Then, transition their interest through professional collateral and a clear explanation of true value. Use the 100/20 Rule: be able to articulate that your customers will receive $100 of value for every $20 they spend.

3. Share the Vision
Share the vision of true value. You want to demonstrate the value you’ll be providing in relation to the customer’s personal values, experiential values, giving and receiving values. Make them see the win-win situation in doing business together.

4. Manage and Develop the Vision
Manage and develop a vision by providing the value that you promised. Don’t oversell, rather help them manage and develop their expectations.

5. Thrive
When you’ve done all four previous steps correctly, consistently, and persistently, you thrive. Thrivation is, in essence, getting your customers or other people outside of your organization to sell your product or service for you. This means that you make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun!

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