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In today’s world where challenges and setbacks are inevitable, maintaining a positive mindset becomes crucial. Recording-setting soccer player Javier “Chicharito” Hernández is living proof of the power of mindset, and in this podcast, Chicharito shares his insights on strategies for overcoming injuries and haters, as well as his thoughts on the future of MLS with superstar Lionel Messi’s arrival in Inter Miami.

Keep a positive mindset when things don’t go our way

Fresh off of an ACL injury, Javier “Chicharito” Hernández believes that everything happens for a reason. Any challenges that come our way are part of our own journey. If life doesn’t kick us in the face then there are no lessons to be overcome and be learned. We must not run away from the challenges that come our way, instead we should embrace them as it is a part of our journey, and place our attention and intention on doing our best, learning lessons, and having fun during the process.

Don’t let doubters impact our mindset

When people say we can’t do something or tell us that our goal is impossible”, we shouldn’t be afraid or allow their doubt to impact our own perception. The greatest athletes in the world, like Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, and Chicharito, don’t have superpowers. People have doubted them forever, but they have continued to work and try to prove to themselves they are the best, which is the same strategy we must apply. Rather than focusing on the doubts or “hate” we get from others and allowing them to limit us, we should enjoy the consistent and persistent pursuit of our unlimited potential.

Find practices that promote our mental and emotional health

We should place our intention on consistently doing mental and emotional work that benefits our mindset and general well-being. Finding practices that help us to ensure we have a positive perspective and then instituting those practices each and every day will ensure that we are in the best headspace to succeed. Whether we are doing daily gratitude practices such as saying “Thank You” each morning and evening, meditating, or doing some other exercise that puts us into the right mindset, having a tool that we can rely on when we’re not feeling our best is essential.

How Lionel Messi is going to change American soccer

Much like Chicharito’s heralded arrival to MLS back in 2020, superstar Lionel Messi is elevating the stature of the league with his decision to join Inter Miami. The global attention that comes along with the addition of Messi offers many growth opportunities for American soccer and can even change the way that the rest of the world views MLS. With this momentum, the popularity of soccer in the United States is positioned to grow more rapidly than ever before.

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