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Inside and outside the octagon, UFC lightweight fighter Michael Chandler lives fearlessly and strives to achieve his greatest potential, bringing gratitude and passion to all that he does. In this podcast, Michael shares four strategies that have helped him to dominate the obstacles he has faced in his life, from his time inside the cage, to coaching on The Ultimate Fighter, and beyond.

Eliminate Fear by Being Prepared

Even stepping into the ring at Madison Square Garden, the world’s most iconic arena that hosted greats from Mike Tyson to Muhammad Ali, Michael Chandler didn’t let it shake him and you must strive to have the same level of comfort. By leaving no stone unturned in our preparation, we can prevent ourselves from feeling fear when it comes time to perform. If we prepare to the best of our abilities, we gain the confidence needed to excel and it leaves no doubt that we could have done more to produce a better outcome. It’s up to us to put our best foot forward, and our hard work will pay off.

Operate in Gratitude

As humans, we are prone to have our minds wander and we can get used to the many blessings that we have. When we lose touch with gratitude, these advantages may no longer seem like blessings, because they now seem commonplace. We must recognize when we begin to feel complacent and continuously adjust our perspective to one of gratitude. Saying “thank you” every morning and every night for our blessings or even reminding ourselves not to take for granted what others are wishing for are just a few practices that can help us to remain grounded.

Seek Out the People, Places, and Things That Make Us Feel Alive

We must continue to search for the people, places, and things that fill us up with happiness and inspiration. We can all get caught up in day-to-day problems and struggles, but we must remember that we have an infinite amount of happiness, peace, and joy at our disposal. We have happiness inside of us and all around us, and we have the ability to tap into it. By doing so, we can keep positivity in our lives and remain steadfast, even when the road to our goals gets a little bumpy.

Fight for Our “Why”

Despite the rigor of fighting and having it all – wife, kids, and economic success – Michael Chandler continues to come back to the cage. If we still have passion, purpose, and the “why” connected to it, we have the drive and the urge to keep going. For Michael, his “why” is his family. He wants to be his kids’ superhero, and every fight is a brushstroke on a masterpiece that they will one day see. By keeping our “why” in mind, we find the motivation and inspiration to keep fighting and be the best that we can be.

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