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In large part, our mindset plays the most important role in whether we make effective use of our time or not. When we are able to analyze our daily calendar with a lens of productivity, accessibility, and gratitude, we can increase the number of decisions we make that are aligned with our goals and values. Here are six strategies that we can use to ensure that we are making the most of the 24 hours we’ve given each day.

Transparency: Sharing Struggles Alongside Success

Transparency and openness are vital for success when it comes to determining our priorities, and deciding how much time and energy we invest into those priorities. Transparency in how we allot our time builds trust and authenticity with the people around us. We must be willing to illuminate the times that we make mistakes when determining our priorities as well, as time management is about progress and not perfection.

Perseverance and Hard Work: Embracing the Grind

Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, perseverance and hard work are indispensable for success. The path to achieving goals is rarely smooth, and setbacks are inevitable. In the realm of time management, perseverance and hard work are equally crucial, and as leaders we need to remain dedicated to our schedules, prioritizing tasks by importance and urgency, and staying focused even when confronted with obstacles or unexpected demands. With this approach, we can overcome obstacles that come our way and stay committed to our goals, especially when it comes to managing our time.

Choosing the Right Circle of Influence

Our time is limited, so we should ensure that we are investing our time in the people who push us toward our goals and support us. By surrounding ourselves with people who bring value and positivity into our lives, as well as working to avoid the people who drain our time or energy, we make the most of our limited resources. Curating a supportive network will also give us access to elevated energy, knowledge, and accountability, and those resources will greatly aid us in our pursuits.

Productivity and Accessibility Strategies

When it comes to our daily calendar, it is important that we focus on our level of productivity and accessibility throughout the day. With our most repetitive tasks, we must look to be as efficient, effective, and statistically successful as possible, which will lead to greatly increased productivity. As for our accessibility, it is important for us to communicate when we are available to our clients, friends, and family, as well as being clear when we will be unavailable.

The Power of Radical Humility

It’s important to recognize that we don’t have all the answers when it comes to making the best use of our time and making mistakes is a part of being human. Practicing humility not only means that we admit our mistakes, but also that we ask for help or advice from people who display a great grasp on work/life balance. We must always look for the light, love, and lessons within the missteps that we make so that we continue to get close to our potential.

Collaboration Is Key to Success

Having a support system that helps to keep us accountable for our time management strategies is essential as well. When we have daily practices such as being a student of our calendar and have a team of people around us who are also students of their calendar, we are building an environment that allows us to take full advantage of our time. Whether we are prioritizing the activities we get paid for (aka “work”) or the activities we don’t get paid for, this approach ensures that we are supported in our goals.

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