You Don’t Need A Plug For This Connection


May 12, 2014

I hope I’ve laid out as clearly as possible in the book not only what goodness is, but how to stay connected to it … as well as how not to allow the ego to edge it out or corrode your connection.  Put it this way, I think it’s easier to follow the guidance in the book than it is to follow any furniture assembly instructions … and this includes Ikea (where the lack of words makes it like the “silent” movie of manuals, but I can’t say that I always understand the drawings).

 This is not to say that it will be an easy task to stay connected, simply that I believe that I’ve given you the procedure to do so in a way that makes sense along with examples to help illustrate what I mean.  And unlike your typical furniture assembly – which comes with nuts, bolts, widgets, gadgets, and whatnots – there is only one item needed for this connection … and that’s you!

To connect and stay connected to goodness you simply need to adhere to the Principles I espouse in the book and their underlying Key Elements.

Everything in life, from the construction of a building to a relationship, requires a solid Foundation (Principle I), or it will crumble.  So why wouldn’t you?  And that Foundation is built upon your personal, experience, giving, and receiving values. The Guideposts (Principle II) act to fortify your Foundation by way of clarity, balance and focus … which leads to confidence.  With these in place – and being aligned with and trusting the universe, having empathy and gratitude, using your free will in a positive way, and employing the AAA Strategy of alignment, action, and adjustment – you will be able to Manifest (Principle III) what you want more rapidly and accurately.  But to do all of this, you need Discipline (Principle IV).  And to achieve your dreams, you need a Strategy (Principle V) which you develop through knowledge, planning, emotion (or energy in motion) and effective communication.  This leads to Understanding (Principle VI) which is all about recognizing the energy you’ve created through the other Principles, then utilizing and maximizing that energy to stay connected to source or goodness.  The last Principle – Destination – is the identifiable stages of adult life you could end up at depending on your adherence or non-adherence to all of the above.

So, you see, in one paragraph I was able to provide a broad overview on how to connect to goodness (and as I wrote about in last week’s blog, you know when you’re connected as well as when you’re not).  So follow the instructions you find in the book, and you will stay connected to goodness.  Me, on the other hand, I am trying to finish putting a cabinet together, and I have no idea where Part A13 is and why I have so many extra screws left over.