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Many of us know Rob Dyrdek, entrepreneur, media magnate, and founder and CEO of Dyrdek Machine, as one of the most productive people in Hollywood, but there are many layers to his approach to life. Here are six strategies that Rob utilizes to strike the right balance between his personal and professional life, while achieving his greatest goals and staying connected to happiness.

Focus in to find happiness

Chasing a bunch of different dreams and ideas all at once may sound fun, but that approach will never yield the results we desire. When we do not have clarity about what we want in life, it becomes hard to focus in on what it takes to get it. Taking the time to think about what we want, as well as who can help us (and who we can help) in order to achieve it, should be a part of our everyday routine.

We can reverse-engineer the outcomes we desire

By taking an intentional approach with our personal and professional goals, we greatly increase our probability of achieving them. Connecting the dots backward from a desired outcome allows us to consider the steps we need to take from beginning to end, as well as the milestones we need to hit along the way. This way, we can set ourselves on the right path towards our goal and stay on that path.

Simplicity leads to consistency

When we make plans that are too complex or detailed, we are unknowingly creating more resistance for ourselves. Our plan of action must be clear and we should always have an understanding of what we’re doing now in alignment with the future we desire, as well as what we’re doing next. A plan with simple steps allows us to get into a flow and build consistency, which leads to greater momentum towards what we want.

Measuring and tracking how we’re feeling is helpful

Knowing our baseline or starting point is an essential part of tracking our progress as we pursue our goals. Having a system that allows us to measure and track things such as our emotions helps us to identify patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. From there, we can make adjustments to our actions and habits to ensure that we are acting in ways that are aligned with how we want to feel.

Perfection isn’t achievable

We can never set ourselves up to have the “perfect life” and attempting to do so is likely to drive us crazy. Instead, we should strive to find a healthy balance between our personal and professional pursuits. One idea that can help is looking at how we are investing our time and the return we get on that investment. If there are areas in our lives where we are investing a lot of time and energy but not receiving results, we can choose to invest those resources in areas where we do receive the results we want.

Our body and mind need to work together

Without a strong mind/body connection, we are limiting our ability to get close to our true potential. This makes it imperative for us to institute practices that strengthen this connection, whether it is exercise, yoga, meditation, or some other practice. When our mind and body are working together instead of working at odds with each other, it makes everything in our lives easier.

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