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Heading into 2024, we must ensure that our mindset, heartset, and handset are aligned with the future we want to manifest for ourselves if we want to achieve our greatest goals. Without these three components working in harmony, it can be even more challenging to get to where we want to be in the future. Here are six different strategies to achieve more growth this year and get even closer to our true potential.

Work to shorten the distance between action and the outcomes we want or better

While we don’t have the capability of understanding or knowing the instant result that happens from our actions, we do have the ability to close the distance between our actions and the outcomes we desire. Seeing the progress that we’re making, good or bad, is nearly impossible, so we must utilize two tools in order to stay on the right track. The first of these is wisdom, which we get from surrounding ourselves with the right people and the right ideas, as long as we listen and ask for help. The second tool to shorten that distance is to have faith that there’s something bigger than us that is omniscient, all-powerful, and all-knowing that loves us, protects us, and promotes us even more than our own family members.

Be careful what we say, because we are always listening

We need to take an intentional approach with what we say, think, do, and believe in order to build a healthy mindset over time. Negative self-talk is something that we are all confronted with, but we must take a positive approach and “cancel” the negative repetitive thoughts that we have or the negative things that we repeatedly tell ourselves. We have to be very aware of whether the actions, thoughts, and beliefs we have are in alignment with where we want to be or better. If they are not, we must make adjustments to the phrases we’re telling ourselves and shift toward a positive perspective.

Today’s impressions are tomorrow’s expressions

Our repetitive behavior creates neural pathways, which makes it even more important to pay attention to our current perspective. Since the language and words we use for ourselves today can have an impact on our tomorrow, we must emphasize repetitive positivity and not negativity. On the conscious level, we need to build a habit machine to control our conscious nature as human beings to effectuate a more positive trajectory. When we combine positive thought with positive action, we are much more likely to achieve our goals.

Focus in on getting closer to our own potential

Happiness is not an end result, it comes from the enjoyment of the consistent, persistent pursuit of our potential. When we focus on taking care of ourselves first and getting as close to our potential as possible, we are also positioning ourselves to better take care of the people around us. We can’t give to others what we don’t have for ourselves, so prioritizing ourselves empowers us to serve others with the most skills, knowledge, and resources possible.

Forgiveness is one of the most powerful tools we possess

People are almost always well-meaning when they give us advice, so we should never hold their advice against them if it is not aligned with what we want for ourselves. This is especially true for the closest people to us who give us advice, such as our parents. By utilizing forgiveness as a reflection of the love we have for those people, we can remain appreciative of their efforts, even if we do not agree with their advice.

Surrender to the past and have faith in the future

We can unknowingly create resistance for ourselves as we pursue our goals when we attach our emotions to specific outcomes in the past or expected outcomes in the future. Instead, we must first surrender to the past because it’s infinite and we give meaning to the past, which should be aligned with where we want to be or better. We must also surrender to the future by increasing or expanding our self-image, because our self-image is not something we can out-achieve. Having faith reduces the resistance that’s caused by not knowing the progress that we’re making each day and not understanding the outcomes that occur, allowing us to continue on our pursuit.

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