The Magnificent Seven Principles

April 28, 2014

I could be referring to that classic western starring Steve McQueen, Yul Brynner, and Charles Bronson, but coincidently in Connected To Goodness, I lay out seven interconnected Principles that are applicable to our lives in general and just as relevant to more specific pursuits, such as business. Each of these seven Principles, in turn, I support with four components called Key Elements. The goal or objective attained in performing the Key Elements is to thrive, in a technical and spiritual sense, creating an energy that scales itself by generating its own “like-kind” energy. I share these Principles because I believe in the abundance of the universe – you can have the same peace and balance in your life that I have, and we all can make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun!

These seven Principles are: Foundation, Guideposts, Manifestation, Discipline, Strategy, Understanding, and Destination. The first three – Foundation, Guideposts, and Manifestation – I term my “Elemental Principles”. Like atoms, they are our building blocks. The next three – Discipline, Strategy, and Understand – I call the “Molecular Principles”. We use them much like the way different molecules can be formed based on the various positions of its underlying vibrating atoms. Finally, Destination is my observations of where you can end up depending upon whether you wish to follow the six other Principles or not.

In a broad sense, these Principles are all about “getting out of your own way”, which is another term for connecting to goodness or, as I like to define it, “source” or “source energy”. And if we can stay connect to goodness, our ultimate hope is that we can create a legacy where we not only put things out into the universe in a certain way that will come back to us twofold, but also where what we empower creates a similar energy. Imagine what would happen if we can not only manifest what we want, but if we are able to scale or empower others with our energy and create collective beliefs and collective energy. We’d be able to manifest things on a global scale, like world peace!

I see this all the time in the context of business. The most successful businesses thrive by having a good portion of their marketing, advertising and sales expense incurred by others. These companies put energy out there in a specific way creating additional people (e.g., word-of-mouth) to sell for them because of the power of what they’ve produced and provided. Most of time, this power is defined as “exceeding expectations”. When companies “exceed expectations”, people preach the virtues of these companies and pass on this information. All of our best and biggest companies, like Apple, have been able to thrive utilizing the scalability of this concept.

What I love about business is that it provides a concrete example of the effect of a collective belief based on the Principles I introduce you to in the book. I am simply espousing the concept that these same Principles are translatable to other areas of our lives. If you follow these Principles – the Magnificent Seven – you will manifest what you desire more accurately and rapidly in all aspects of your life. If you stay connected to goodness, you will thrive!