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It is easy to see the rapid adoption of AI technologies, with tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT becoming commonplace, but what is less obvious are the impacts that these tools are having on business. Technology has the power to transform our business if we are using it in the correct way, and here are four principles that will ensure that we are making the most of today’s technology in the workplace.

Technology is a servant, not a master
Technology is a bit of a double-edged sword in that it has increased our connectedness, but also brought with it more distractions to deal with. It is up to us to use technology in positive ways. Use tools and applications to help us be more effective and efficient with our time management and planning, rather than allowing ourselves to become victims of distraction.

We are still human
Regardless of how much technology has become a part of our lives, we are still humans.

We still have emotions, make mistakes, and have vulnerabilities. We must not lose sight of what makes us special and unique, instead, we can use technology to illuminate that frequency and create even deeper connections with others.

Empowering productivity and accessibility
Technology gives us the power to track and acknowledge productivity and accessibility, whether it is for ourselves or for our team. We must focus on how technology and its use are aligned with what we want for our present plans and future goals, and then make adjustments accordingly. By being as efficient and effective as possible with our daily activities, we can produce more and spend more time with our loved ones, all at once.

Find the light in new technology such as AI
If we are only looking at the drawbacks of new technology, that is all we will see. Our perspective is reality, which is why we must look to find the light, love, and lessons that are offered by utilizing new technology in a positive way. Remember to be grateful that technology provides us access to more opportunities, options, and touches of favor than ever before.a

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