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The single most important investment that each of us can make is in ourselves. By making the right investments in ourselves each and every day, we are setting our future selves up for even greater achievements. Here are eight strategies that you can use to make sure that you’re investing in the right areas of your personal and professional life.

Investing in the next generation

Whether we are working to empower our own children or just someone from a younger generation, we must encourage them but let them conquer fear for themselves. We cannot try to shelter them from fear, or else they will never understand what it means to have courage and stand up for what you believe in. Allow them to make mistakes and have setbacks, but encourage them to learn and grow from those experiences, so they do not repeat them.

Community and frequency are immensely powerful

Frequency is our own combination of skills, knowledge, and desire and when we know our frequency and what makes us unique, we are empowered to create a community around it.

By giving people more value than they anticipate, we create a void that they feel compelled to fill, and this creates a community over time. And when our community members become advocates for us and our brand, the value and impact of our community will continue to grow.

Avoid going through the motions wherever possible

By investing our attention and intention in our most common activities, we can find ways to become more efficient and effective. Not only does this approach lead to more positive coincidences in our life, but it also opens us up to learn more about the world around us and elevate our awareness to other areas we can improve.

Just get started

Whether it’s for creating an investment account, starting a podcast, or writing a book, getting started is key. It takes more energy for us to go from 0 to 1 than it does for us to go from 1 to 100. When we take initiative to start and combine that with a focus on making progress, each and every time, we are setting ourselves up on the path to future success.

Know our non-negotiables  

We should always know our biggest priorities for each day so that we can focus on taking care of them efficiently. Whether it’s prioritizing our health, our sleep, or ensuring that we spend enough time with family, knowing our non-negotiables allows us to create a plan to make it happen and then execute it.

Clear the interference between ourselves and happiness

We are already happy, healthy, wealthy, and worthy, it’s up to us to clear our connection with that reality. We need to raise our awareness and look to find what’s blocking the light in our lives. Whether it is our fear of the past or fear of the future that is blocking the light, or simply our bad habits, we need to work on clearing our connection with what inspires us.

Know our timing and risk tolerance

Whether we are investing in ourselves or others, understanding these two factors is an essential part of the investment. When we know what our parameters for investments are, we are able to detach our emotions from the outcomes, which is especially helpful for the times when we experience less-than-expected results.  

Prioritize the relationships that “feed us”

One of the ways to ensure a poor return on investment is by continually investing in people who do not support us in our goals. We must always prioritize the people who are most aligned with our values, the people who “feed us” the most in return, and let the others fall away from our life.

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