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At least once per month during my Free Weekly Friday Training sessions, I like to share my takeaway of the week, as well as allow others to share their most valuable lesson for the week, empowering everyone to learn these lessons and apply them in their own lives.

Below are five of my favorite lessons from last week’s session, to help guide you toward your true potential.

Understanding our brand leads to opportunities
There is only one unique brand in the world and it’s you. The better we get at understanding our essence (and ourselves), the more opportunities we will be afforded that are aligned with our brand. Authenticity is what resonates most with others, so we should work to stay true to ourselves, no matter the obstacles that come our way.

Content and community are king
There are so many ways that technology helps us to capture, modify, amplify, and perpetuate ourselves and our message, making it easier than ever before to be a “content creator”. We can create videos, products, a course, a podcast, events, and all types of content to bring together a community around our essence and build from there, making sure that we are proving much more value than we ask for in return. A community can create an extraordinary amount of change if we stay consistent and persistent in building it while providing value.

Master the mathematical equation for luck (Attention + Intention = Coincidence)
What we give attention and intention to is what creates coincidences in our life. There are five areas that we must focus our intention on: what we do, speak, think, believe, and feel. We should also place our attention on being present in the moment and applying the practice of “Do It Now” wherever possible, as that will help to accelerate our success.

We cannot give up when we experience pain

We must remember that pain is an indicator that there is a lesson to be learned, not a sign that we should give up. Looking at the challenges that we experience as promotion and protection, rather than punishment, is the more favorable perspective to take. We must trust the universe, but we also need to take action, ask for help, and help others in order to get what we want.

Get the term “busy” out of our vocabulary
A big pet peeve comes from people using being busy (or their perception that you are busy) as an excuse. We can be “busy” doing absolutely nothing, so instead focus on being productive, accessible, and gracious with our time. When it comes down to it, at any time we are either available or unavailable, and we need to be honest and accountable about it to others, rather than leaning on terms like “busy”.

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