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There is nothing holding us back except our approach to life: our mindset, heart set, and handset. It is up to us to clear the interference between ourselves and our true potential. Below are five strategies to help us clear that interference as we pursue our potential each and every day.

Remember that the power of gratitude is immense

Our amount of gratitude is what controls our outlook on life, so we must continually find ways to practice gratitude. Saying “thank you” every morning and every night, for example, is one of the best and easiest ways to change our life for the better. Maintaining this grateful perspective is what gives us a better past, a happier present, and an even brighter future.

Have faith that the universe is in our favor

One of the best ways to strengthen our resolve is the belief that we’re being promoted and protected when something happens, rather than being punished. We can look at stoplights as an annoyance, or as the universe protecting us and keeping us safe from harm. Being optimistic and having faith in the idea that the universe is in our favor empowers us to keep going, even in difficult circumstances.

Know that we are vehicles of appreciation

We live in a value-add universe, rather than a scarce one, so we should place our attention and intention on adding value wherever possible. It is up to us to appreciate what we have, learn from it, and then share it or give it away. Finally, in order to continue the process of appreciation, we must remember to ask for more.

Put our faith in what we want

If we want to live happy and fulfilling lives, we can’t focus on what’s missing from our life. We have to be thankful and appreciative for what we do have, rather than spending our time and energy on what we perceive to be missing or lost. We must also have the strength to illuminate what we don’t do well, as well as have the humility to ask for help in order to achieve the growth we desire in those areas.

Our relationship with “no” is vital

As entrepreneurs, hearing “no” is a common occurrence. Our relationship with that phrase is ultimately what will determine our success over time. The optimal approach is to imagine we are a certain (unknown) number of “no”s away from getting a yes, so that we become more excited each time we hear a “no”. This will not only lead us to be more resilient in the face of doubt, but it will also instill a desire to keep going, knowing that we are even closer to hearing a “yes”.

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