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From his time in the US Marine Corps to starring in films and TV, here are six strategies that funnyman Rob Riggle has used to face his fears and become one of Hollywood’s top comedic actors.

Fear and Love Are the Basis for Every Emotion

Every emotion that we feel can be traced back to its roots in fear or love. Some may call it the battle between dark and light, or good or evil, but we must be introspective and look towards the root of the negative emotions we’re experiencing in order to confront and overcome them.

Remind Ourselves to Stay in the Present

Rather than worrying about what we don’t want to happen in the future, or spending time focused on the regrets of the past, we must remind ourselves to be present at the moment. We must be grateful for the path we’re walking at the moment and place our intention on moving forward as we pursue our potential.

Have Daily Habits That Reinforce Our Values

Whether it’s repeating positive mantras to ourselves or keeping a gratitude journal, we must have habits or routines that help us to reinforce our values and remind us of our strengths. Having these practices to lean on can make a difference in our life, especially during the quiet moments or the times when we face the greatest obstacles.

Extracting Lessons From Failure is Essential

We don’t benefit by wallowing in pity or being a victim of circumstance after we experience what some would deem a failure. We can turn any “failure” into a success by extracting valuable lessons from that experience. Not only that, we must continually apply the lessons we’ve learned to stop repeating them in the future.

There is No Finish Line

There is truly no end goal for success, only milestones to be celebrated along the way. This fact places greater importance on the need to be our own coach as we pursue our potential. We must set our mindset towards growth, knowing that we are sure to face challenges as a part of our unending journey.

Making Our Dreams Come True Takes Time

Our dreams should be so big that they scare us and seem to be borderline unattainable. This also means that achieving our dreams requires us to apply all of our skills, knowledge, and desire. Achieving greatness always takes effort and time, which is something that we often underestimate.

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