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Succeeding in the music business is no easy task, but Tony Brown, former President of MCA Records in Nashville and producer with over 100 million album sales sat down with me to discuss four of the most valuable lessons he learned about success from working with legends like Elvis Presley, Reba McEntire, and George Strait.

There is power in defying expectations

People who don’t know us well often have their own perception of us, and that’s something we can utilize to our advantage. By demonstrating some ability, intelligence, or intuition that they do not expect, we can start to shift their perspective. Remember, we should never act in a certain way only due to the expectation of others, our actions must always be aligned with our core values, goals, and our vision of ourselves.

Find value in the “intersections” of our life

We all have pivotal moments in our lives that forever change our trajectory, but it can sometimes be a challenge to find the light, love, and lessons in the most difficult moments we experience. It’s important to remember that we are the ones who give meaning to these moments, so taking the perspective to be grateful for the lessons that we learn along the way is an essential part of being an optimist.

Be open to taking a new approach

Some of the most successful people are the ones who approach a problem with a new point of view or solution that others have not considered. Rather than confining ourselves to in-the-box thinking, we must live life with an open mind, open heart, and open hands. Taking this approach will lead to the greatest outcomes.

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity

Luck, or the coincidences we experience in life, are the result of where we place our attention and where we place our intention. The first step in taking advantage of the lucky breaks that come our way is based on our level of intention, meaning we must be aware of the opportunity. Then, we must have the skills, knowledge, and desire to execute upon that opportunity. However, this level of preparation only occurs if we have placed both our attention and intention on acquiring those skills, knowledge, and desire before the opportunity arises.

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