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Last week on our show Office Hours, we had a fireside chat with several business leaders about the most essential leadership skills for today’s entrepreneurs. Below are five strategies from that conversation that you can utilize to ensure that your organization is prepared to thrive in 2023 and beyond.

Have processes and procedures for yourself (and your team)

Having the right processes in place is essential for being productive, accessible, and gracious with our time. For the most repetitive tasks that we do, we should ensure that we have a clear system and workflow to follow. The more efficient and effective we can be with our workflow, the more we can achieve each and every day.

Ownership is key for success

When our team members must take ownership for their role, as well as their role in the company’s success, that is when we have a winning culture. Teams are always the most effective when everyone has bought in and the team regulates itself. And when everyone is operating in an environment with inclusion, openness, and control, then they are empowered to be their best.

There is no calamity without warning

As leaders, we need to raise our awareness to potential issues, whether they are financial or personal so that we are never caught off-guard by big changes in our business. We must combine our intellect and intuition to try and identify these issues before they happen. When we focus on controlling what we can control, such as the levels of risk that we (or our business) are exposed to or our revenue streams, we are best positioning ourselves to respond to whatever the future holds.

Place our intention on asking better questions

Asking quality questions is invaluable because it helps us to get alignment with others, as well as to do an honest review of ourselves. By asking the right questions and paying close attention to how their answers are aligned with our skills, knowledge, and desire, we determine how we can best provide value to others.

Look to move forward from loss

“Moving on” immediately may not be possible, but we do need to keep moving forward after suffering a great loss. There is no benefit in deciding to be a victim of loss, so we must seek the light, love, and lessons in the negative circumstances we experience. Life is never going to be perfect, but we should always try to enjoy the progress that we are making along our journey.

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