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It’s always a pleasure to chat with Gary Vaynerchuk, one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and motivational speakers, and gain insights on the hottest trends in business. During our insightful dialogue, Gary shared five lessons on the current states of entrepreneurship, parenting, and education, which you can use to plan for an even greater future.

Find Inspiration in Creating Value for Others

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are those who understand this basic equation: provide more value than you ask for in return. When we are consistently providing more value than we ask for, we are creating a void that the Universe will fill. Remember that entrepreneurs and influencers have a responsibility to provide value to their audience, rather than the people having the responsibility to give them likes and follows.  

Don’t Beat Ourselves Up Over Balance

Achieving a perfect work/life balance each and every day is just not realistic, especially for entrepreneurs. What is most important is understanding our values and prioritizing those values, each and every day. Being too judgmental of ourselves only creates more resistance, so we must be quick to forgive ourselves when we fail to balance our work and home life effectively. We also must try to extract a lesson from that experience, to avoid making the same missteps in the future.

The Future of NFTs

While there may be a similarity to the internet crash in the 90’s with the current state of NFTs,  Gary notes that NFTs’ future remains bright. He’s a big believer in the idea that the digital contract aspect of NFTs is here to stay, and that their use for digital transactions will only become more common in the future. While individual projects will come and go, the utility of NFTs will remain.

Don’t Let Grudges Impact Our Energy

Holding a grudge doesn’t really hurt the other person, it is by far the most harmful to us. When we’re spending our energy on people that are not feeding us, we are wasting our finite resources. Only practicing forgiveness will reduce the interference that a grudge causes, so that we can invest our time and energy in finding our own happiness.

The Future of Education

Talking about the future of education, Gary predicts that in the short term, there will be small steps towards more digital learning, homeschooling, and alternative forms of education. However, in the long term, he believes that Gen Z parents will make significant changes to the educational patterns and priorities for their kids, which will result in a substantial fall-off in college admissions. This means that parents will become more practical and let their kids pursue what they want from an earlier age, leading to a greater focus on skill sets and alternative learning.

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