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Succeeding in life is all about learning lessons and then utilizing those lessons to identify opportunities so that we can execute them. Below are six strategies that we can use to maximize the lessons that we learn so that we are taking full advantage of the opportunities that life affords us.

We need to capture our most valuable lessons

We receive new lessons every day, but we also have a tendency to forget what we’ve learned. That is why it is so important to create a system to access the lessons that resonate most with us. By using our intuition to focus on the lessons that have the most meaning or impact for us and then capturing those lessons, we can ensure that we can apply them, rather than forgetting them.

Do an inventory of our skills, knowledge, and desire

Regularly taking an inventory of our skills, knowledge, and desire allows us to determine the capabilities that we have or need. In order to take advantage of as many opportunities as possible, we must look and see where each of these abilities can be applied to industries or professions that are doing well or are stable. We can also work to apply those abilities to areas that might be doing well in the future. This approach allows us to maximize our current opportunities, as well as to prepare ourselves to take advantage of opportunities that may come our way later on.

Curiosity is an asset

The people who are more interested than interesting and seek out knowledge tend to be the ones who have the greatest achievements. Being curious and following our passions allow us a greater level of understanding of the world around us and also teach us about ourselves. Not only should we be curious ourselves, but we should also look to surround ourselves with curious people who are willing to share what they learn. This will further amplify the benefit we get from being curious, as we get exposed to even more new ideas.

The AAA Strategy leads to more success

When we take the time to get Alignment first, then take Action, and prepare for Adjustment, we are setting ourselves up for success. This strategy takes into account the idea that while we may not always know what action is best to take, it is vital to take action. And we must always look to learn lessons as we prepare to make adjustments to our course of action. We must also utilize the Five Levels of Intention, making sure that we are thinking, saying, doing, believing, and feeling the right things in each step of the AAA Strategy.

Our self-belief determines our capabilities

Having a level of belief in ourselves that we are already happy, healthy, wealthy, and worthy allows us to combat the fears that we experience along the way. This faith encourages us to clear the interference in our lives and push through challenges, no matter whether we have fears about our future or our past. Self-belief allows us to confront and end those fears when they pop up, rather than avoiding them.

We cannot attach our emotions to outcomes

One of the easiest ways to create resistance for ourselves is by attaching our emotions to specific outcomes. Telling ourselves things such as, “I’ll be happy when…” is a recipe for disappointment. Instead, we must dedicate ourselves to the consistent and persistent pursuit of our potential, understanding that our goals for the future will almost certainly change over time. When we seek progress each day instead of perfection, we are clearing the interference between ourselves and our potential.

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