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Studying human nature is an essential part of life, as human nature is something that never changes. Understanding human nature is what allows us to fully experience life and to understand the life circumstances that happen along the way. One of my favorite pieces of literature that discusses this topic comes from ancient Sanskrit, and it lays out the twelve rules that apply to all of our lives, no matter who we are and where we live. Understanding these rules will help us to identify when we are living in fear and empower us to live in “the flow” instead.

  1. You will receive a body – Part of being human is being born into a human body. Since we only receive one body, taking care of it should be a non-negotiable for us.
  2. You will learn lessons by using your body – This is an essential part of life and without learning, we cannot progress. It is up to us to utilize our senses to learn lessons during our life.
  3. There are no mistakes, only lessons – We must take the perspective that there are no mistakes, they’re just lessons that we need to absorb and implement. This approach necessitates that we give the right meaning to our past, using it to push us forward instead of allowing it to hold us back.
  4. A lesson will be repeated until it is learned – If we do not learn a lesson initially, the universe will keep teaching us that lesson. We need to look for clues and patterns when the same issues keep arising so that we identify the lessons we haven’t learned yet.
  5. Learning lessons does not end  As long as we are alive and have a body, these lessons will keep coming to us.
  6. ‘There’ is no better than ‘here’ – Taking a grateful perspective about where we are in life is an essential part of being happy. We must not attach our emotions to an outcome but focus on enjoying the consistent and persistent pursuit of our potential.
  7. Others are merely mirrors of you  We cannot see outside of us what is not inside of us. Often, we are simply projecting our thoughts about ourselves onto others.
  8. What you make of your life is up to you – We are accountable for our own perspective on the actions of our past, present, and future, as well as our own self-image. We must give the right meaning to the events in our life so that we are not limiting ourselves and our potential in the process.
  9. Life is exactly what you think it is  Our perspective is what shapes our reality. Perspective and effective prioritization are what allow us to take an idea from a possibility, make it into a probability, and then manifest it into reality.
  10. Your answers lie inside of you – We are already happy, healthy, wealthy, and worthy. We already have everything we need within us; we just have to learn to access it.
  11. You will forget all of this – Nobody is perfect, and part of being a humble person is knowing that we will all forget these lessons at some point in our life.
  12. You can remember it whenever you want – While we do forget all of these lessons, we also have the capability to remember them. Reminding ourselves and recollecting these lessons is what helps us to get back on the right trajectory during the times when we get off track.

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