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Our greatest lessons in life are often found in our greatest challenges. For me, declaring bankruptcy and losing over $100,000,000 has turned into one of the most pivotal moments in my life so far. That experience taught me countless lessons, including the five keys below:

Surround yourself with the right people and the right ideas
As the old saying goes, “Your friends are your future.” We need to ensure that we are surrounding ourselves with the people and ideas that are adding to our lives, not those who are diminishing us. If they feed you, then feed them. If they are bleeding you, then let those people and ideas fall away from you or cut them out of your life entirely.

Live in the world of “more than enough”
It’s important to operate from a place of abundance, rather than scarcity. Our perception is our reality, so if we perceive that we’re living in a world of “not enough” or “just enough”, that will be our truth. Choosing to live in a world where there is more than enough to make everyone happy will not only help us to create a more positive perspective, but it will also attract people who believe the same.

Ask for help
Seek out someone who is in the situation you want to be in and ask them for assistance. The right mentors can help us avoid the mistakes they’ve made, what I call paying the “dummy tax”. When we are intentional about selecting our mentors and humble enough to ask for help, they will accelerate our growth and assist us in getting closer to our potential.

Money can’t buy love or happiness
Happiness is the consistent and persistent pursuit of our potential and is not something that can be purchased. Money is an energy and what it does is it empowers us to shop. If we shop for the right things and invest that money wisely, it is a powerful tool for the pursuit of our potential and can even help us to empower more people along the way.

Our values are our foundation
Our core values are what help us to remain grounded when the unexpected occurs in life or business. Applying values like gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication to a situation can help us to remember that we are being protected and promoted, rather than being punished. These values are meant to remind us of the truth of who we are and what we hold most dear.

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