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Krispy Kreme is among the world’s most beloved brands, and a big part of what keeps that love going is the company’s ingenious marketing. Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme’s Global Chief Brand Officer, ensures Krispy Kreme’s unwavering commitment to the timeless charm of its donuts, which strikes a chord with modern consumers. Here are four marketing insights that Dave divulges which set Krispy Kreme apart from its competitors and foster the profound love that sustains the brand.

The world needs retro more than ever

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology and social media, brands often lose the analog touch of authenticity. Now, that personal touch is exactly what people want and need to see. Krispy Kreme has stayed true to its retro roots, showing customers the entire manufacturing process from the time of mixing the dough to the finished product. The transparency of the handmade process is old school, and their authenticity shines through, which has allowed Krispy Kreme to remain the “OG donut brand” after all these years.

Remain flexible

At Krispy Kreme, the marketing pace is quick. A lot of activity is being done on a small budget and in a small time frame. This requires a lot of flexibility. After measuring the success of marketing campaigns and figuring out what worked or what didn’t, Krispy Kreme strives to constantly improve and it is this approach we must adopt. It’s important to understand that we don’t always have everything figured out. Constant evaluation, tinkering, and moving forward is essential to keep our company’s marketing thriving.

Know the role that your products play in your consumers’ life

Krispy Kreme donuts are often a highlight of someone’s day, giving them a much-needed dose of happiness. In an era where pure generosity is hard to find, Krispy Kreme has a role to play and they understand it clearly. From giving away masses of free donuts to healthcare workers during the pandemic to always allowing customers to sample fresh donuts, generosity is at the heart of the company. When you innately understand the role that you play in your customers’ lives, you can adapt your approach to keep those emotional connections strong.

Brand longevity relies on love

In addition to all the regular metrics to measure brand performance, Krispy Kreme looks at love for the brand. Love is a measure of intimacy, which will carry a brand over time. Only looking at hard statistics can cause us to lose sight of the intensity of adoration, which is essential to create the strongest supporters that will engage with and talk about our brand. Love for Krispy Kreme is also indicative of its “something special.” Measuring brand love is a way to make sure our marketers are maintaining that distinct, intangible component and depth of care that keep people coming back.

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