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In this episode we talk about…

0:53 – David Meltzer shares the two currencies that he combines in his life 

7:55 – David explains how he realized the value of appreciation by focusing on receiving and then giving instead of giving to receive. 

14:10 – David shares 5 helpful steps to help you get on the right path to deliver value and receive value in your life

21:42 – The two things that change people’s lives is to be grateful and not be afraid of asking for help!

24:51 – Are you a student of your calendar? 

32:00 – David shares his helpful adaptability routine that fits into his calendar 

35:10 – How can you be more consistent, and why is it so difficult? 

36:49 – David shares his unwinding routine for the night 

39:34 – This is the difference between successful and not successful people 

42:35 – Listen to David’s advice on how to practice ending fear 

49:56 – David shares his golden rule for life

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