Truly Going Right To The ‘Source’

May 5, 2014

So, my book is all about connecting to goodness. Early on in the book, I talk interchangeably about “source”, “source energy” and “goodness” … because to me, they all mean the same thing – God, Jesus, Buddha or whatever it is you want to call it. For convenience sake, I pretty much stick with “goodness” thereafter (which is much more concise than you having to read “source, source energy, goodness, Jesus, Buddha or whatever you want to call it” in each and every instance) because despite the numerous ways described, I say we’re all comparing Apples to Apple … and everyone believes in goodness.

There is just something powerful out there. It can be felt individually … by a group … between individuals. And something as simple and small as a smile can evoke the power. This power can be summed up in with Jean Valjean’s line from Les Miserables, “To love another person is to see the face of God.” Nothing is more true. And despite our differences in what each of us know as or term “goodness”, I absolutely respect and admire those who “walk the walk” … who keep their connection to goodness (and so long as it is to goodness) as they see it.

As I wrote in my book, I didn’t use to be spiritual. Actually, as I am writing, maybe I need to modify this. Maybe I could have been spiritual… but I was too busy to know. And when I say “busy”, I mean going 100 miles an hour chasing things that I thought were important … like fancy cars to feed my ego. It wasn’t until I started my downward spiral and took some time to smell the proverbial roses that I truly discovered what was important in life. My wife, who has always been spiritual, turns out to have been right (as she often does). That is why the “I told you so dance” is the most common dance she does!

When I discovered goodness and the power of connecting to goodness, I was like a kid in a candy store. I could not get enough information! I found mentors, like Lee Brower, teachers, like Dr. Sangeeta Sahi, and books, like Majesty of Calmness. So I studied, read, listened, meditated, questioned … and thus began my own personal transformation upon discovering goodness. And as I began my transformation (which is a life-long process mind you), I discovered that I was able to manifest what I wanted more accurately and rapidly. And that alone was awe-inspiring. But just as eye-opening was my realization that my spirituality and connection to goodness could carry over into my business life. But why should I have been surprised? The connection to goodness should transcend everything in one’s existence. My belief is so strong that where once I wish I had the Midas touch, I now strive to have the Meltzer touch … where everything I touch should turn to goodness!