This One Will Bowl You Over!

May 27, 2014

Ultimately, you know from the book that I want things to “thrive”.   In the utopic state of “thrivation”, we are creating and taking energy to the mathematical indefinite “nth” Power. It is where the positive energy we put into something grows exponentially with like-kind energy and scales itself by creating it’s own energy that can create more energy!  This is how thrivation happens – we’ve created a collective belief or collective energy – and if taken far enough, it can have a global affect.

To understand the concept, think of bowling pins.   The ten pins are set up with one pin in the first row, two in the second, three in the third, and four in the fourth.   And as you know from bowling, the pin in the first row can topple the two pins in the second row, which in turn, can knock down the pins in the third row … which then affect the pins in the fourth row.  And all it took was a little bit of energy to get the proverbial ball rolling.

Now imagine instead of pins, it was people and instead of the energy of being pushed over, what was being passed was the energy of an idea – like world peace.  All it needs to do is to start with that first person who then passes it onto two more who then relay it three others … who impart it to four more.  Like the bowling pins, that first person has now affected nine others, but all it really took was the energy of the initiation of the process; that first person didn’t have to go to all nine people to have an effect.  The message was carried by others … who carried it on to others and so on.  Envisioning simple extrapolation, you can see how an idea can be carried with like-kind energy exponentially and have a global affect.

Again, you know that I would like to empower as many people as I can to connect to source or goodness.  And just you reading this and passing it on to someone else … who can pass it on to someone else gets the whole thing going!  And it needs to start somewhere … with that first pin.