The Terroir Of Connected To Goodness

April 21, 2014

I used the concept of pressing grapes as a Key Element to support the Principle of Understanding, so I may as well turn to another wine concept to explain what inspired me to write Connected To Goodness. In a wine sense, ‘terroir’ basically means the totality of everything and explains why, say, a Pinot Noir from one vineyard tastes differently than a Pinot Noir from a vineyard a mile away – it’s the combination of soil, drainage, sun exposure, training, trellising, etc.

Now, just because I use wine terms, I don’t want you to think that the influence of wine itself inspired me to write. Truth be told, it was Jägermeister. But again, that was part of the terroir … in this case, the arriver/diver part of my journey that was important to get me the point where I was motivated to write a self-help book and, further, had the credibility to do it.

What I am saying is that there’s the “sound bite” answer to the question, “what inspired me to write this book”, and that sound bite answer is “to empower others to empower others” – that is to take my ideas to the “nth” Power so that everyone can make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.” And then there’s the much more complex answer … which I describe as ‘terroir’… the totality of everything. I needed my trials and tribulations, my self-awareness, my spirituality, and the incorporation of all of the above into my life and business. I needed to fail. I needed to succeed. I needed to teach. I needed to learn. I needed to have material things. I needed to lose the material things that I had … and realize what was really important to me. I needed to feel empty. I needed to fill that void with substance. I needed to be more interested than interesting … especially when it came to human observation and what could make a difference. I needed to see what resonated with others … are there collective thoughts and beliefs that could, indeed, effect global change and how do we implement these thoughts and beliefs successfully?

In reality, I could write a book on what inspired me to write the book – and I have in Connected To Goodness! But I can’t finish talking in broad strokes about my terroir without reminding you what my book teaches about the three things you need in order to be connected to goodness. I absolutely needed a fantastic, supportive wife and family, a great career … and as I explained in my book … a great bed 🙂