Master Communication: Be The Office MVP

David Meltzer discusses effective communication

Develop these three valuable communication skills, be a major contributor, and prove your skills by mastering content, access, and medium. Understand these are the three pillars of communication.


Most importantly, we need to understand the “what” we are saying. Content is what we say. That is the verbal and the non-verbal content in which we connect with other people and exist on three levels of consciousness. We call these our conscious, our subconscious, and our unconscious.


Access is how we communicate and how we get information or content to others. This is the interaction that we need to over-communicate and give access to our content to necessary parties in the most effective manner. This is critical to large projects that have an enormous amount of people accessing similar if not identical content.


Mediums are where we communicate. These are the methods of communication in which we present or allow access to the content. The number of mediums that exist grows. We started with a simple hieroglyphic and have moved to Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. A good example of how powerful mediums are and how fast they change is that Apple’s biggest competitor is themselves.

The second valuable communication skill is the skill to effectively communicate or over-communicate. Lou Holtz’ famous quote, “It is not what you say it is what you hear“, rings true. Be more interested than interesting in order to over-communicate. Ask at least one more question when we think we are done. Get clarification and/or confirmation. We cannot let ego get in the way. We always must be accountable. Live above the line without blame, shame, and justification with no need to be right.

One of the reasons I love being Warren’s business partner is that his mom taught him that if he did not know something he should ask. He’s never embarrassed to ask and has ingrained this principle in our business. Never be afraid to share constructive criticisms. They foster growth! Effectively communicating aligns us with everyone. Communicating effectively gives access to the important content that we are trying to share.

Take Emotion Out of Communication

The third most valuable way to communicate is to take our emotion out of the content. We must prioritize what is important over what seems to be urgent. We must respond to what is most meaningful to the content, the situation, or our objective of business. Always “cancel” our negative thoughts and not create more shortages and obstacles in what we want to achieve. We want to make sure that what we are communicating makes everyone happy. Take emotion out. This takes all the voids and shortages out of all of our difficult calls, meetings or interviews. Think about what we want to attract. Believe we will receive no resistance.

By: David Meltzer


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