Because Stress Can Be Stressful

April 15, 2014

There’s so much stress in the world today, and although you know that I believe in accountability, I still feel I am partly to blame for your stress. When I was CEO, Samsung manufactured the world’s first “convergence device”, better known as the Smartphone. Yes, I’ve been credited for bringing the Smartphone into the U.S. Now, most of us have them, and we’re apt to look at them whenever we hear a chirp or feel a vibration (as well as when we don’t … just to make sure the battery hasn’t died). Many hate to turn off their phones or be out of cell range for too long for fear of missing something important and quickly turn their devices back on to check them as soon as they can. While it has made it easier to be personally mobile and accessible, it sometimes comes at a stressful price (and I’m not even including the stress when you realize you’ve left the phone in the pocket of your pants currently going through the wash).

That’s why I think the motivational messages in my book are more important now than ever. (And lest you think otherwise, I wrote this book to pass on the lessons I’ve learned and not because of any guilt over creating stress in your life with the Smartphone). Remember guilt and stress are wasted emotions. My book espouses the importance of connecting to and staying connected to goodness. And stress, like ego, is a way to disconnect or interfere with that connection. That’s why I’ve provided ideas on self-analyzing why stress might occur and what you can do to try your best to avoid stress. For instance, recall the concept of the different learning zones. A good way to keep stress down is by being aware of when you’re in your learning zone and allowing it to expand as you tip-toe rather than dive into and remain in your anxiety zone. And by using our mental tool saying, “Cancel” is a way to stop the negative thoughts that can cause stress. I also promise you that people aren’t producing excessive levels of cortisol – again, the chemical in our brains associated with stress – but are instead producing serotonin – which bolsters our creativity, happiness and health – when meditating.

Broadly speaking, though, you’ll be amazed by the great things that will open up to you by utilizing the Principles and Keys in the book. You will be able to overcome those seemingly insurmountable obstacles that you’ve found in your life … even when that Smartphone went through the wash (remember, the universe is abundant … if you really want another one, there are more Smartphones out there!).